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Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Panel Meeting for Development Projects

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Panel Meeting for Development Projects


Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a process of analyzing, monitoring and managing the expected or unforeseen social impacts, whether positive or negative, resulting from an intervention measure (policy, program, plan and project) and any social change process.

Since 2016, PLANMalaysia has established Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Panel Meeting for Development Projects.  SIA Panel Meeting is chaired by the Director General of PLANMalaysia and attended by representatives of agencies at the Federal, State, local authority as well as expert panel from the Malaysian Association of Social Impact Assessment (MSIA), Malaysia Institute of Planners (MIP) and academics.

The functions of the SIA Panel Meeting are as follows:

  1. Review the SIA Report on whether to pass, pass with the amendment or reject.
  2. Provide expert inputs to improve the SIA Report.
  3. Ensure that the contents of the SIA Report comply with the SIA Manual.
  4. Ensure a comprehensive and effective Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP).

SIA Category at Federal Level

For proposed project that have national interest, the project proponent shall seek advice from the National Physical Planning Council (NPPC), chaired by Prime Minister, and shall submit with a SIA report.

SIA Category 1: Subsections 20B (1) and (2) of Act 172

Obtaining NPPC’s advice in the early stages of planning involves:

  1. Coastal reclamation development in excess of 50 hectares; and
  2. The country's main infrastructure.

SIA Category 2: Subsection 22 (2A) of Act 172

Obtaining NPPC’s advice at the detailed planning stage involves:

  1. New township development in excess of 100 hectares or generating a population over 10,000 people or both;
  2. Development of major infrastructure; and
  3. Development on the top or slope of a hill.

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