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Southern Zone Project Office


The Southern Zone Project Office (PPZS) is responsible for the preparation of the Structure Plan, Local Plan, Special Area Plan and other studies especially involving areas located in the State of Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor. PPZS is also responsible for providing planning services and translating national development policies and guidelines for state agencies and the Local Authority.


The Southern Zone Project Office is responsible for providing advisory services especially in assisting the State Authority and Local Authority in Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor to translate development policies and guidelines through development planning studies. Among the functions of the Southern Zone Project Office are:

  1. To prepare development plans (Structure Plan, Local Plan and Special Area Plan) for the Local Authority and State Government in accordance with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 [Act 172] to be used as a basis for organizing, controlling and coordinating development, land use and conservation of land.
  2. To translate national policies and guidelines in state planning and local authority areas.
  3. To provide planning advisory services to state agencies and local authorities in each state concerned in the aspects of land use planning through development plans and inter-agency planning forums.
  4. To prepare a Local Plan Manual to be used as a reference during the preparation of the Local Plan.
  5. To provide monitoring report and outcome assessment on the Structure Plan, Local Plan and Special Area Plan.
  6. To develop and update the planning information system for the zone through the preparation of development plans.


  1. Development Plan Unit (URP 1 – 5): -
  • To prepare a Structure Plan for the State Authority as a strategic guide on land use and development to enhance the development systematically and as environmental improvement measures;
  • To prepare a Local Plan for the areas within the Local Authority as a guide for the implementation of policies and proposals in the Structure Plan;
  • To prepare a Special Area Plan that involves the proposed development plans and the actions to undertake for issues that require immediate review;
  • To plan and execute quality improvement programmes and development plan procedures improvement programmes in order to achieve higher quality outputs including the preparation of manuals and assessment programs; and
  • To provide advisory services/expertise in development studies conducted by other agencies which are involved in the areas within the zone.

    ii. Monitoring Unit: -
  • To prepare monitoring reports and outcome assessments on the Structure Plan/Local Plan/Special Area Plan which have been gazetted.

    iii. Information Coordination and Planning Unit: -
  • To develop and update the planning information system for the zone through the preparation of development plans.

    iv. Administration Unit: -
  • To manage and process memos and mailing matters;
  • To manage and record letters and memos into the correspondence register book for office records; and
  • To manage and update file systems and records from time to time for the use of officers and office staff.

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