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Vision, Mission, Quality Policy and Objectives

    To become the leader of Town & Country Planning towards creating quality, flourishing and sustainable living environment by 2030.
    To spur national physical planning through the implementation and monitoring of comprehensive, systematic and innovative development planning for the well-being of society.
    To establish the Department as the centre of excellence in Town and Country Planning.
    • To strengthen the physical, social and economic development system in urban and rural areas in order to uplift the quality of life in accordance with the nation’s objectives;
    • To plan, control and co-ordinate development, land use and land conservation through effective implementation of the Town and Country Planning Act (Act172) and related acts;
    • To formulate and implement planning regulations, policies, plans and guidelines and to ensure effective adoption by all agencies at the implementation stage; and,
    • To ensure excellent quality town planning services and quality planning information systems for the long-term planning needs.

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