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Management Service Division


The Management Services Division consists of four (4) sections, namely Administration Section, Finance Section, Human Resource Section and Information Technology Section. The division provides support services to the Department.


The main role of this Division is to administer and manage the Department's resources which include financial resources, assets, human capital, staffing, facilities, logistics as well as information and communication technology (ICT) to ensure that the functions and services of the Department can be delivered to customers efficiently and effectively.


  1. Administration Section: -
  • Manage the administrative affairs of the Department including the management of facilities and office equipment at the headquarters and zone project offices, department safety and employee health, rental contract management, vehicle management as well as matters related to the general administration of the Department;
  • Manage and update the position of the Department's immovable assets in order;
  • Manage and take action on public complaints of the Department according to the stipulated period; and
  • To conduct Management Committee Meeting (JP) and Meeting of Occupational Safety, Health and Office Maintenance Committee (DOSH).

    ii. Finance Section: -
  • Ensure that the financial management and expenditure of the Department are in accordance with the regulations, Treasury Instructions and Procurement Implementation Method outlined by the Government;
  • Manage the procurement of supplies and services for the Department through the processes of planning, implementing, monitoring and controlling;
  • Prepare the Department's Annual Operating Budget;
  • Issuance of Local Orders for supplies and services required by the Department;
  • Manage the Department's movable assets through procurement, records and disposal processes; and
  • To hold the Government Moveable Asset Management Committee Meeting (JKPAK) and the Financial and Account Management Committee Meeting (JPKA).

    iii. Human Resource Section: -
  • Plan and manage the filling of vacancies based on JPA’s approval, as well as the appointment and resignation of PLANMalaysia’s officers;
  • Manage matters relating to the confirmation of appointment, confirmation of service and entry into pensionable positions as well as service matters of PLANMalaysia’s officers including all types of leave, work retention, compulsory retirement applications/options and other service matters;
  • Manage acting and promotion matters of PLANMalaysia’s officers through the regular method and Special Position for Incumbents (KUP).
  • Implement the Annual Performance Appraisal Report (LNPT) and act as the secretariat for the Human Resource Development Panel (PPSM) in PLANMalaysia;
  • Prepare a Human Resource Strategic Plan and the Replacement Plan for key and strategic positions as well as Fast Track/SME matters for Town and Country Planning Scheme Officers;
  • Plan and act as the secretariat for the Department's Joint Meeting three (3) times a year;
  • Plan and coordinate PLANMalaysia’s Annual Training Programme after the approval of the Ministry's Training Committee which include trainings organized within and outside the Department;
  • Plan and carry out the Service Scheme Examination for Assistant Town and Country Planning Officer Grade JA29 two (2) times a year as well as to certify the examination results of the Department for the scheme;
  • Implement the Mind Transformation Programme (PTM) for new officers in PLANMalaysia which is required as one of the mandatory conditions before the confirmation of service within 1 to 3 years from the date of appointment;
  • Manage the career development and competency of PLANMalaysia’s employees through the arrangement of the Federal Training Prize and other JPA sponsored training programmes from time to time; and
  • Carry out value enhancement programmes for PLANMalaysia’s employees through programmes under the Value Practice Management System as well as managing the offer and execution of practical training at PLANMalaysia for Malaysian students.

    iv. Information Technology Section: - 
  • Manage, administer, develop and improve ICT services which include security, hardware, software, application system and department database;
  • Ensure the availability and reliability of ICT infrastructure, internet networks and intranets which support the operation and continuity of the Department's services;
  • Provide advisory services and technical assistance related to ICT required in the Department; and
  • Conduct ICT Steering Committee Meeting (JPICT)


    v. The Department Library is also under the Management Services Division and is responsible for;

  • Collect and store collections and publications of the Department for reference and conservation purposes;
  • Maintain collections and publications of the Department;
  • Document all collections and publications of the Department for general reference; and
  • Ensure the operation of the Department Library such as borrowing and returning printed materials runs smoothly.

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