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Regional Planning Division


The Regional Planning Division was established on 1 January 2003. This division plays a key role in implementing the new function under Section 6A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 [Act 172] which is to establish a Regional Planning Committee for areas situated in two or more States.

The main task and function of the Regional Planning Committee is to prepare a comprehensive Regional Plan to guide and manage the development of a region as stated in Sub-Section 6A(5)(b), Act 172.


  1. To implement the provisions of Section 6A of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 [Act 172] and to ensure the Regional Planning Committee will carry out its functions.
  2. To strengthen the physical, social and economic development of the region in line with the national development, through the preparation of the Regional Plan.
  3. To advise and assist the State Planning Committee and Local Authorities in the region in line with the national policies.
  4. To assist the Department in drafting and planning projects of national interest.


  1. Regional Planning Committee Secretariat: -
  • To carry out the duties of the Regional Planning Committee, gazetted regionals concerned and the Regional Planning Committee Membership by the Chief Minister who are responsible in the field of Town and Country Planning;
  • To perform Secretariat duties for the Regional Planning Committee;
  • To assist the Regional Planning Committee in advising the State Authority and the Local Planning Authority in implementing the Regional Plan;
  • To assist the Regional Planning Committee in coordinating policies, guidelines and land use in border areas;
  • To assist the Regional Planning Committee in carrying out necessary research for a region; and
  • To assist in establishing a uniform process and procedure to be used by the Federal and State Governments as well as the region’s Local Planning Authority.

    ii. Regional Plan Unit: -
  • To carry out a comprehensive Regional Plan/Regional Functional Plan based on subject matter to guide and coordinate the development of the region;
  • To prepare regional studies for areas across the State border;
  • To review the Regional Plan;
  • To develop the database for regional planning and development purposes; and
  • To translate and implement the National Physical Plan at the regional level.

    iii. National Project Unit: -
  • To carry out planning and monitoring duties for projects of national interest and to provide regional planning advisory services beyond international borders.
  • To provide technical expertise services to those in need; and
  • International border planning.

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