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Corporate Division


The Corporate Division is directly responsible for the Department's corporate services, which is to coordinate the process of planning, development and evaluation of the Strategic Plan. This division is also responsible for implementing communication, promotion and corporate communication activities through strategic cooperation to strengthen the role and function of PLANMalaysia (Department of Town and Country Planning) in national planning and development.


This division is responsible for providing the overall strategic planning and management services to the Department by acting as the secretariat for all major Department meetings, formulating and monitoring Corporate Policy and the Department’s development programmes, coordinating feedbacks for meetings at the Ministry level, as well as providing answers on Parliamentary questions and public relations. This division will be directly responsible to the Director General to determine the overall direction of the Department. Among the functions of this division are: -

  1. To formulate and ensure the implementation of management policies will be carried out under the Department's Strategic Plan and the annual Department’s Strategic Action Plan.
  2. To carry out secretarial duties for the main meetings of the Department, namely the Planning and Development Committee Meeting, the Department's Corporate Plan and the Management Review Committee.
  3. To coordinate the planning and implementation of the Department's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  4. To manage the dissemination of information and publicity as well as public relations affairs.
  5. To manage Parliamentary affairs and the feedback of meetings at the Ministry level.
  6. To manage quality improvement activities and coordination of the Department's MS ISO management system.
  7. To manage strategic cooperation efforts and international programmes.


  1. Quality, Secretariat and Coordination Unit: -
  • Provide feedback to cabinet meetings, Ministries and other agencies;
  • Prepare and monitor the implementation of the Department's Strategic Plan which is feasible and achieves the vision and mission of the Department;
  • Coordinate and monitor the Department's KPIs;
  • Carry out secretariat duties for the Department’s main meetings;
  • Coordinate the affairs of parliament; and
  • Coordinate the implementation of MS ISO 9001 activities for PLANMalaysia (Department of Town and Country Planning) Headquarters.

    ii. Corporate Communication and Public Relations Unit: -
  • Coordinate the dissemination of information and public relations affairs;
  • Coordinate and conduct customer satisfaction surveys;
  • Coordinate and manage the celebration of World Town Planning Day;
  • Coordinate the Department's public complaints;
  • Prepare PLANMalaysia’s bulletin;
  • Prepare and coordinate the Client's Charter and the Annual Charter Achievement Report; and
  • Provide corporate information and to coordinate information on PLANMalaysia’s website and social media platforms.

    iii. International Relations Unit: -
  • Coordinate programmes, internationalization and strategic cooperation of the Department for the purpose of improving the professionalism service;
  • Coordinate the preparation of briefings and visits by local and foreign delegations; and
  • Coordinate and implement management affairs and the Department's Innovation programme.

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